Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence Blog

Welcome to the UH CTE blog.  We are using this online moderated forum to get input from UH faculty, staff, and graduate students regarding our activities in the Center for Teaching Excellence.  If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered in our discussions, either online or in our brown bag events, please hit the comment button and let us know.

Best wishes,

David Mazella,



8 Comments on “Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence Blog”

  1. Dan Wells says:

    Dave, This looks great, Thanks for putting this together! Dan

  2. jgarson says:

    Dear Dave, I suggest that the group on teaching Prizes be relabeled Faculty Awards and Incentives, since to my mind it is not just about prizes

  3. Dave Mazella says:

    Will do.

  4. Dave Mazella says:

    And take a look at the Faculty Resource–Discussions page to see how I’d like to organize the content for each of the four areas. Incidentally, it would probably be more consistent to call each of the four areas a “division,” to follow Anadeli’s and Aymara’s lead for the DTAT. Just a thought.

  5. aboggiano says:

    Agreed, and this looks very nice Dave. Actually, how about Division of Instructor Training, instead of TA training since we are also including Lecturers, Adjuncts and part-timers at the request of some Departments in the pilot program?

  6. Dave Mazella says:

    Interesting point. We should consider this.

  7. clhorn2 says:

    Dave – Looks great! Can I go in and add a description similar to what Jim posted under Faculty Resources? Thanks!

  8. Dave Mazella says:

    Cathy, that would be great. Go into dashboard, and look on the lefthand side for “Pages,” and click on that. Once you get to “Pages,” page, you’ll see the four pages, and you can go into Research and Development and add a description if you’d like. Let me know if you run into any problem.

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