How to sign up for a username and password

The UH CTE blog is currently open to users, but blocked to search engines.  This should enable the curious to visit without a hassle, while allowing others to comment simply by providing an email ID.  Comments are always welcome, so long as they relate to the CTE and its mission.  As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, this is a moderated forum.

For those who will be involved with our activities like the CTE Board, the DTAT, and so forth, we especially invite you to sign up with WordPress so that you can post and/or edit contributions.  These activities require a WP username and password, which WP provides free of charge to its users.  To sign up for WP username and password, please follow these steps:

Follow this link to

When you get to the WP homepage, click on the “Sign Up Now” link in the upper right hand corner.

Fill in the boxes for username, password, email address, and then (THIS IS IMPORTANT), select the JUST A USERNAME, PLEASE option at the bottom of the form, NOT the “gimme a blog” option which is the default.  (if you do this by accident, just visit our blog and hit the comment to let me know, and I’ll show you how to delete your accidentally created WP blog)

Once you have a WP username, hit the comment button or email me ( offline and let me know the email and WP username you have created, so that I can assign you your status as an Editor or Administrator for the CTE blog, which can always be located at

Thanks, DM


2 Comments on “How to sign up for a username and password”

  1. Peter Gingiss says:

    I am assuming we can comment without using WordPress. When I press “Submit” we will find out.

    But if this does go through, what do you mean by in WordPress, “you can post and/or edit contribution “? Hopefully, I can post this, which is perhaps a contribution, and I should not be editing others’ contributions in any case.

  2. Dave Mazella says:

    Hi Pete, the blog is set now so that the first comment from a particular user is sent to a moderator, and then that person can “comment” without further vetting.

    The advice about about getting WordPress usernames etc. is for those who will be participating in the blog as additional moderators for the TA training, or other forums. Those people would get “author” or “editor” status so that they could post questions, etc.

    Hope this helps,


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