Houston Chron Round-Up: Higher Ed preferred target of budget cuts, “godless, left-wing radicals” in the university

Two important pieces in today’s Chron:

  • According to a recent poll, Higher Ed was the preferred target for budget cuts, out of a list of options that included cuts to K-12; “no cuts,” however, was equally popular at 28%
  • According to the Chron’s Texas Politics blog, State Board of Ed member Don McLeroy addressed a Tea Party group in Bastrop, and warned of “godless left-wing radicals” who have taken over the government and universities.  Here’s McLeroy’s characterization of college teaching of American history:

Sadly, instead of teaching our children historical facts, many professors indoctrinate them in the social history of race, class, and gender. And, if they teach the Constitution, the Declaration, and the arguments of the Federalist Papers at all, they teach they are obsolete,” McLeroy complained.

McLeroy had been Chairman of the Board that most recently rewrote the Texas social studies curriculum, and lost a reelection bid in a Republican primary to Thomas Ratliff.


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