Upcoming CTE faculty workshop: “Creating Learning Communities in Cyberspace,” this Friday Oct. 28, 1:00-2:30, in 306 MDA library (Jim Garson)

This Friday at 1 pm Jim Garson will be moderating the following panel in the Faculty Senate offices at 306 MDA library:

Creating Learning Communities in Cyberspace

This workshop will explore information technologies that can be used to bring students together in the learning process, whether inside or outside in the classroom.


Workshop participants and topics are as follows:

  • Simon Bott (Chemistry) will talk about his use of Facebook;
  • Ana Medrano (Biology) will explain her use of Twitter;
  • Jami Kovach (Information and Logistics Technology) will provide a summary of a variety of methods for supporting learning communities.

If you have experience with social media, or if you are just interested in hearing about how it might work in different kinds of classrooms, please consider attending.  If you have any questions, email jgarson@uh.edu.



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