TAs and TA Supervisors: Please attend our Error correction and Class Discussion Workshop this Friday, 2/17, 1-2:30pm.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the kinds of errors that your students make, either in class or in their written work, and wondered where you could even begin to respond?  Or have you ever come down hard on a student after he blurted out a mistake, then watched that student shut down and hide from you for the rest of the semester?

Correcting errors can be an inhibiting experience for the instructor–many of us are wary of offending young learners and remember negative experiences when professors handled our errors poorly. Yet correcting errors outside of formal assessments has the potential to become a great learning experience for students if it is handled well, in context, and with the ultimate objective of improving student learning.

Teaching students so that they learn how to self-correct builds self-efficacy, which is different from self-esteem. Self-esteem can be a false-indicator of performance mastery and can be easily manipulated. It does a disservice to students to praise their work without attending to their recurring and persistent errors.  But there is another way: help students understand their own patterns of errors and how to correct them, and they will acquire real confidence in their subject and develop true performance mastery.

In this workshop, you will discuss and learn how to best correct student errors — in class discussion — to strengthen their own critical learning strategies.

The workshop will take place Fri. Feb. 17th 1-2:30 pm in 306 MDA Library. A light lunch will be offered. To register go to:


This workshop will fulfill one workshop requirement of the Certificate of University Training.

See you this Friday.


Aymara Boggiano

Bruce Martin


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