VIA THECB: More information on the transition to the new Core

As promised at the last Undergraduate Committee meeting–

Agnes DeFranco and Libby Barlow have passed along the following links for those of you curious about the implications of the transition to the new statewide Core:

  • Link here for the THECB page devoted to the Texas Core Curriculum.  Note also the timeline for implementation:
  • November 2011 – November 2013: Faculty develop and select courses [where we are now]
  • November 2013: Institution’s core curriculum due to Coordinating Board staff for review
  • Fall 2014: Statewide implementation of core curriculum for incoming Freshmen
  • Faculty and Administrative FAQs for those preparing the new Core Curriculum
  • Assessment Guidelines for the new Core, including

In addition to the THECB site, those interested in the assessment issues (and interested in saving themselves time while redesigning Core courses) should take a look at one or two of the following sites:

Let us know whether you find these helpful, or need additional information for implementation.




3 Comments on “VIA THECB: More information on the transition to the new Core”

  1. Leonard Bachman says:

    is there a determination yet about how the core gets implemented? Specifically, do we know if all 42 credits have to be in the first four semesters of the degree plan?

  2. Dave Mazella says:

    Leonard, I think that’s a good question. I’ll put this to some people, and see if we can get an answer.

  3. Dave Mazella says:

    Leonard, to answer your specific question, there is nothing in the old or new statewide core that dictates when students must take those courses. To quote Libby Barlow:

    “I’m not aware of anything that says the core must be completed within a specified time frame. When we make our own decisions about the core, I would ask us to consider what is best for students?”



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