Thanks to all who attended our reception for CUT recipients, 5/4/12

On Friday, May 4th, the CTE’s Division of TA Resources (DTAR) held a reception to celebrate the awarding of certificates to 14 TAs who successfully completed our Certificate of University Teaching program in the spring. Hosting the celebration were the two people most directly responsible for this program, Aymara Boggiano and Dr. Tamara Fish, along with the CTE Director, Dave Mazella (DTAR’s Bruce Martin was unable to attend due to sickness). TA Supervisors Ruxandra Prodan (ECON) and Flavia Belpoliti (HSD) also attended.

The reception began with presentations of teaching portfolios by Lena Ogrokhina (ECON) and Maria Alvarez (HSD), where they each talked about the usefulness of compiling the portfolios.  Both agreed that the portfolios were a huge help in reflecting upon, and learning from, their own teaching experience, and in preparing for a competitive job market.

After the presentations, Ms. Boggiano and Dr. Fish presented certificates to the candidates [click on thumbnail to enlarge]:

At the conclusion of our ceremony, Ms. Boggiano announced that this would be her final semester with the CTE and DTAR, and that she would be moving on to a new post at the University of North Texas.  Drs. Mazella and Fish thanked Ms. Boggiano for her superb work establishing the DTAR and CUT programs, and wished her the best in the future.

Dr. Mazella also announced that Dr. Fish will take over supervision and coordination of the CUT program beginning this summer.  The CTE is currently searching for a full-time replacement for Ms. Boggiano, which will carry the job title of Associate Director.  Drs. Mazella and Fish will remain in contact with participating departments and supervisors until a replacement is found.

Our best wishes for all of you who have completed the CUT program.  We hope everyone has a happy and productive summer.

David Mazella,

Director, UH CTE


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