VIA the Teagle Foundation: “What Works and What Matters in Student Learning”

The Teagle Foundation, a group devoted to improving American undergraduate education, held a convening this June on the question of “What works and what matters in student learning?” The page linked here will take you to the President’s opening address, along with summaries of discussion by Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment & Research at the Association of American Colleges & Universities, and Laura Rosenthal, Professor of English at the University of Maryland.

Lots of interesting stuff here, but I’d like to point readers to the three major strategies, or “promising practices,” included in Finley’s essay, linked here: What-works-for-student-learning-Finley:

1. Develop an Organizational Culture that Makes Student Learning a Priority and Emphasizes Community Building in Support of that Commitment.

2. Enable Learning-Centered Environments that Foster Student Learning

3. Develop Better and more Meaningful Assessments to Understand Student Learning

The report discusses each of these points in more detail, but the takeaway for improved student learning is better community-building, learning environments, and assessments.  Take a look.



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