Feb. 13th CIRTLcast: Linking Pedagogy to Professional Skills

CIRTLCast Presentation
Presentations on STEM teaching and learning from leaders across the CIRTL Network’s 23 institutions.

Linking Pedagogy to Professional Skills: One-Page Instructional Resources on Problem-Solving and Teamwork
Wednesday, February 13 at 2 pm CT

As we help prepare the next generation of STEM professionals, what are the skills, knowledge and ways of thinking they will need for the workplace? How can we connect pedagogy and course content to these abilities? In an NSF-funded study of professional work, we asked these questions of engineers and observed their work to determine how STEM education can better connect to current practice. As with our November 7th CIRTLCast, this session will draw on findings from our study to dig into two more of the essential skills emphasized by STEM professionals–problem-solving and teamwork. We will explore how to explicitly develop students’ real-world problem-solving and teamwork skills within your courses without a lot of extra work.

Presented by:
Tom McGlamery, Faculty Associate, Department of Engineering Professional Development, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Kevin J. B. Anderson, PhD CESA #2 School Improvement Consultant in STEM Education

The CIRTLCast series features presentations throughout the academic year on topics related to STEM education.  Future topics include service learning in STEM disciplines and issues confronting minority graduate students. We welcome comments or suggestions; contact Robin Greenler (rgreenler@wisc.edu) with any feedback.

To join the session, download a flyer, or see archived recordings of previous sessions, go to http://www.cirtl.net/cirtlcasts


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