VIA Houston Chronicle: “Quality education is the key to a growing energy industry”

UH’s own Rathindra Bose, along with David Holt, wrote a nice op-ed piece today about the need for Texas and specifically Houston to build a better education system, if we wish to sustain the growth we’ve recently experienced from our energy industry.  They write:

Quality education, from primary school through post-graduate-level work, is the key to a growing and sustainable energy industry, and the economic growth that accompanies it.

To promote this goal, they’ve sponsored events like the upcoming Energy Day event Oct. 20 downtown, which include fun hands-on activities like the CSTEM Challenge, which will highlight things like robotics and alternative vehicles.

What this op-ed and the Energy Day activities demonstrate is the importance of systemic educational improvement for this region’s economic goals.  Here’s hoping that plenty of 12-year-old kids turn up at the George H. Brown center, and start dreaming up new ways to build cool robot cars.