Dr. David Mazella speaking at Rice University CTE, 1/15/13, 1-1:50

“The Faculty-Driven Center for Teaching Excellence”

ABSTRACT: In Spring 2010, the UH Faculty Senate proposed to establish a Center for Teaching Excellence that would enhance instruction and promote teaching excellence throughout the university.  This proposal capped off 2 years of intensive public discussion among senate leadership and faculty about the purpose and direction of such a group.  It was only after the proposal was accepted by the Provost that the steering group realized how few CTEs were established by faculty rather than upper administration. This presentation will outline the deliberative process that helped the steering committee, and later its faculty board of directors, establish the CTE’s structure, mission, and priorities both before and after its founding.  It will then review some of the benefits and drawbacks of the faculty-centered CTE in terms of funding, governance, and curriculum. Finally, the presentation will focus on the CTE’s unique institutional role fostering not just student and faculty learning, but ultimately organizational learning.

227 Herman Brown Hall