Thanks to all who attended our Teaching Large Sections Brown Bag Discussion

Thanks to Dan Wells for organizing what seemed to me a very successful brown bag discussion.  I am including links of the handouts and movies, for anyone interested in following up our discussions.

For those interested in a very readable synthesis of current learning theory, try M. Suzanne Donovan, John D. Bransford, and James W. Pellegrino, Editors, How People Learn (1999), which is available at this link for purchase or as a free pdf.



via the Daily Cougar: Faculty Board of Directors Launches Teaching Website

Here we are in the Daily Cougar:

The faculty board of directors have worked together to open the Center for Teaching Excellence over the summer, and now they have launched a comprehensive website.

The site was developed for questions and resources related to the teaching mission of the University.

It’s nice to get some notice, and I hope our other events and programs will get some publicity too.


CTE featured in UH Today

And here we are:

Professors at the University of Houston are taking advantage of a new resource this fall, the recently established Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). Spearheaded and directed by a faculty board of directors, the center is the result of the Faculty Senate’s ongoing effort to develop a culture of effective teaching within the university.

“As educators, we are constantly searching for ways to enhance our performance,” said Dan Wells, chair of the CTE faculty board of directors. “With the Center for Teaching Excellence, UH faculty is provided with a home for workshops, seminars and training geared toward faculty enrichment.”

Read the rest of the story here.