UH CTE announces new pilot program in faculty-to-faculty peer mentoring: Project TEACH (Teacher Evaluation and Classroom Help)

Project TEACH

Prof. Frank Holt and the CTE Division of Faculty Resources are pleased to announce a new pilot program in peer mentoring called Project TEACH.

The purpose of this CTE initiative is to improve teaching and learning by providing free consultation and support services for UH faculty on a confidential case-by-case basis. The process is entirely voluntary and is conducted on a first come, first served basis. UH faculty members may choose a number of options, from a targeted assessment of one or more specific issues (course and syllabus design, lecture skills, managing group dynamics, testing, active learning, etc.) to a full evaluation of all aspects of teaching and learning (including observations in the classroom) followed by a personalized action plan to address all needs.

The process begins by contacting the current Project TEACH coordinator for an initial brief discussion and assessment to map out a services plan. Depending on individual needs and available mentors, this plan may require only a few sessions to complete, or it may stretch over an entire semester if, for example, a preliminary and follow-up classroom observation is warranted. Assessments of each element in the consultation process will be used in order to measure in detail the program’s effectiveness.

The current Project TEACH coordinator is Frank Holt (History).  If you are interested in a consultation for yourself, or further information, please contact Prof. Holt at fholt@uh.edu or 713-743-3127.