First Year Experience Panel: Breakout Session and Summary (Simon Bott)


Richard Walker – VP Student Affairs.
Libby Barlow – Exec Director Academic and Institutional Information
Shirley Yu, Assoc. Prof. Ed. Psyc
Cathy Horn, Assoc. Prof. Ed. Psyc


  • Richard Walker gave an overview of First Year Experiences around the country.  He listed several institutions that were known to have outstanding programs – particularly IUPUI.  He emphasized that a FYE requires collaboration across campus, particularly between areas typically included in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.
  • Libby Barlow discussed the academic aspects of an FYE, particularly the Core curriculum.  She discussed soon-to-be-made changes in the curriculum, outlining the challenges and opportunities that these provide.  She stressed that there would be full university support for changes within core classes that include the incorporation of high-impact practices and other modifications that will benefit the students.
  • Shirley Yu discussed need for faculty to support students in developing self-regulated learning strategies (i.e., effective study habits and motivation) through a range of in-class and referral methods.
  • Cathy Horn talked about her day as a faculty-in-residence and the importance of engaging students outside the classroom.

Given the truncation of the session, we had no time for questions or discussion.